love still exists

November 26, 2010
By ginsy1 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
ginsy1 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Why must I got through life
If it is all just a complicated strife.
Why is it this way,
Where we all feel pain so deep,
Where the one we love,
We feel we can never keep.
Where you cant hold back the tears,
And everything hurts like hell,
Wishing you can just stop feeling.
Feeling anything for that matter,
Would it make things easier or harder,
Being numb to all, at least there will be no pain.
Or will the pain exist while I cant feel for you,
But on the inside want you so bad.
I cant get u out of my mind,
For Im still crying.
Crying that u will come to me,
Forgive me for my actions.
I cant live without you,
Not even for one second,
So should I live at all, if your not to be with me.
Love is my life,
My love is you.
Forever and always it will be,
As if fate has chosen it so.

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