Deer Heart

November 13, 2010
By sabrina Mason BRONZE, Glenford, New York
sabrina Mason BRONZE, Glenford, New York
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Deer Heart

As you take a walk

You listen, you hear, you smell

You see creatures of all kinds
You hear leaves crunching from an animal
Near by
You smell rain
From last night’s storm.

You wander on
Through the woods
Crunch… Crunch…
Through the leaves.

You reach a pond
You hear ribit… ribit…
You look to your left
You see ten frogs jumping towards the pond.

You touch your finger to the water
It’s cold, refreshing, cools your body.

You slowly sit down
Trying not to make a noise
Or you might scare the frogs away.

As you are going to sit,
You hear people mumbling from a distance.

You look over,
They’re getting closer,
You see they have guns,
You hide behind a tree.

They stop at the pond and look around,
I see a deer right next to the tree I’m behind,
I hope they don’t see it.

I try to stay perfectly still,
The deer sees the men with guns,
It starts running


I think to myself,
Am I dead?
I open my eyes,
I look over,
Right in front of me,
Shot right in the heart,


It starts bleeding,
I can’t look,
I start to run home as fast as I can,
Crying all the way,
I would have never wanted to see a deer die,
Or anything die right in front of me.

The author's comments:
In science class we were talking about the hydrosphere (water), lithosphere (land), biosphere (plants and animals), and atmosphere (air) and we had to write a story using these plus 6 other related terms. I wrote a story about me walking through a park, and experiencing nature. This inspired me to write a poem during free-writing time in english class.

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