November 25, 2010
By iDObelieveinfaries GOLD, Houston, Texas
iDObelieveinfaries GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Curiouser and Curiouser

He raises it above his head,
My plastic smile starts its shed.
His eyes and ears aren't here anymore,
I won't make it in time if I run for the door.
Adrenaline beating out of my skin,
This type of madness- It's a sin.
His eyelashes are sticking together with tears,
I prayed he would stop, but his actions still sear.

I can't breathe now- I'm cluthcing for air,
He ignores how I look and he knows its not fair.

"I'm sorry."

He puts the stuffed animal into my hands.
Last time it was roses, now it's a lamb.
He melted my heart with that childish grin,
I guess he didn't know he was already forgiven.
"I'm sorry I forgot to give you a kiss,
I was running around frantic- I was late for the trip."
He always feels guilty; it makes me feel bad.
He loves me so much, how can I stay mad?
I can't breathe now- I'm so happy he's home.
How can a week without his smile make me feel so alone?

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