The Girl That I Do Not Know

November 24, 2010
By miraculous BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
miraculous BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
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the girl that i don't know looks like me

not in the face, or the body

not in the hair

not in the hands

she wears the same costume as me

but with more vigor

she went all out

while i sat in

hoping to be noticed

i was noticed but only got a card

while the girl i don't know

got admiration

graduation to the higher class

the girl that i don't know is older than me

some chain of people connected know each other

and therefore we know each other

but not really

i see her but she doesn't see me

how is that

why is that


is her costume better or is she just admired

from the kisses on her cheeks i suggest the latter

is my costume better or

am i just not admired

or am i admired

where are the kisses on my cheeks

are they invisible or just not there

what is the girls name that i do not know

why do i know her but do not know her

and why does she not

know me

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