Lady death

November 24, 2010
By Abbandoned SILVER, Auburn, Nebraska
Abbandoned SILVER, Auburn, Nebraska
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People are always blinded to the best things which lie in front of them.

Your looking up at the cloudy sky
As your wondering why
Your cheeks are soaking wet
When it hasn’t begun to rain just yet

You close your eyes as you see the final light
As it gives away to the night
The rain begins to splash around
As your gaze lowers to the ground

What is this aching pain
That beats with the rain
Its your tattered heart
As it continues to break apart

you’ve got no where to go now
You don’t know how
you’ve lost your family
As they wave goodbye happily

You see the joy in their smiles
As they tell you to go walk the miles
Into the dark as it embraces you
Your feelings are now blue

You walk those lonely miles all night
Wishing for something bright
You sit and curl up on the ground
Wishing not to be found

You hear so many voices
As you chose from so many choices
You gaze at your throbbing arm
As you sigh from the harm

you’ve done to yourself
Not caring about your health
You watch as the blood begins to run
Down your finger tips in the rising sun

You scream in pain as you try to get up
While you hold your hands out like a cup
The blood filling it full of blood
It runs down in streams like a flood

You let it splash into the puddles of rain
While trying to ignore the pain
Of a small broken heart

You feel some one brushing their hand against you
Worried that someone has found you
You look up scared as they smile wide
Asking you to come inside

You see the smile upon her face
As your heart begins to race
You feel a beat
As she pulls you into the heat

You pull down your sleeves hopping she didn’t see
The smile slightly withers as she asks if you want her to leave you be
Your lost for words as you shake your head
She smiles and pulls you to her bed

She rips off your shirt to see if your ok
As you try to keep more tears at bay
She kisses your cheek and smiles
Asking how was walking the miles

Looking down your afraid to say
She laughs and says you can stay
You begin to cry and hold your head
Wondering if your dead

She pulls your arms from you
You suddenly don’t feel so blue
As she bandages your arm
Asking why you would do yourself harm

You look away and tell her how
That you have given up all hope now
She shakes her head and pulls you to her chest
Saying that you have to rest

That you are safe here
You can not believe what you hear
You look at her eyes
Then up to the sky

And you cant even say a word
You still cant believe what you heard
She pulls you into the bed
As she asks have you been fed

When you don’t reply she just gives you a smile
And says dinner will be ready in a short while
You relax and look up into the light
Wondering what happened to the night

You look out the window as you wait for now
But what you see just makes you wonder how
You can see someone standing over your form
In the thundering storm

You look up as she comes back into the room
As you see a rose begin to bloom
She looks at you and pushes you back onto the bed
you shrung and look away while you ask her name
She smiles happily as she says her name is Lady Death.

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