Aspiration of Flight

November 24, 2010
By Britnee SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
Britnee SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
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Live like i'm dancing.

Shocking, biting clarity
The rush of a thousand
Icicles piercing through
My soft flesh

The intense, raging
Power entering through
My mouth
My ears
My nose
My face
Striking my soul

I ride upon a stallion
His heart beating
Like a drum
My body
Wrapped around his
Warm features

His body is strong
As fire
Soft as
Mother’s milk

I live for this moment
For the race
Against a frosted
December wind

My breath is stolen,
And my sightless eyes
Are seeing what
They’ve never
Seen before

I see the smell
Of raging passion
I see the taste
Of precious liberty
I see the sound
Of thundering hoof beats
And watch the feel
Of movement
From the back
Of a gentle Beast

The ride is hope
The ride is inspiration
Through my gallop
I achieve the
Sensation of a miracle,
The dream of sight

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this peice by a contest, but never actually got around to sending it in! I have always been fascinated by horses and last spring i had the priveledge of galloping along a beach. The experience was incredible; the horse goes so fast you can't see! When i tried to come up with a poem about a blind person, this was first in my mind. I imagined myself on that horse without sight, and it made me realize that not having sight can be an escape. The girl speaking in the poem is actually blind and experiences sight through her companion.

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