Aspiration of Flight

November 24, 2010
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Shocking, biting clarity
The rush of a thousand
Icicles piercing through
My soft flesh

The intense, raging
Power entering through
My mouth
My ears
My nose
My face
Striking my soul

I ride upon a stallion
His heart beating
Like a drum
My body
Wrapped around his
Warm features

His body is strong
As fire
Soft as
Mother’s milk

I live for this moment
For the race
Against a frosted
December wind

My breath is stolen,
And my sightless eyes
Are seeing what
They’ve never
Seen before

I see the smell
Of raging passion
I see the taste
Of precious liberty
I see the sound
Of thundering hoof beats
And watch the feel
Of movement
From the back
Of a gentle Beast

The ride is hope
The ride is inspiration
Through my gallop
I achieve the
Sensation of a miracle,
The dream of sight

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