Regrets Should Be Forgotten

November 20, 2010
I tell you I love you
And yes it's true, I mean it.
But somehow I know you don't believe me
Because I think you want to see it
I show you the best I can
But sometimes I get so confused
You really don't know the whole story
So really what's the use?
Why? Please tell me why
you figure it out when it's wrong.
Why do we try to make it right
when our only chance is gone?
Why do we have to realize
what was there all along
Right after it already leaves you
On this path it took you on?
I lied and somewhat cheated
I only wish you'd understand
The heart I tried to give you
Was stuck in this other guys hand.
I tried to take it back
Because I knew he didn't deserve it.
I fell into his trap
And I swear it wasn't worth it.
The thoughts I've bottled up,
Locked inside, and tried to hide
Doesn't have any more room
And now explode in my mind.
I think of you every day
And dream of you every night.
I can't take this battle anymore
I really don't want to fight.
I hope you're happy now.
I still wonder how you really feel.
I want to tell you everything now.
I want my dreams to be real.
I wish I could do it over
Take control over my true self.
"Only if's" still fog my mind
And I still feel like hell.
But I have to let you go,
Someday, Somehow I might.
I still hope and pray to God
That everything will turn out right.

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