I should learn to follow my own advice

November 22, 2010
By Marylouisegarner GOLD, Applegate, California
Marylouisegarner GOLD, Applegate, California
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"Eberythong happens for a reason"

Poor little girl

Quit your weeping

and pick yourself off the ground

Pull the peices of your heart backtogether

and feel again

Stop worrying about whats coming tomorrow

or the days to come

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

and wipe those tears from your swollen eyes

Walk outside and feel the sun shine on your rosey cheecks

Feel the crisp air enter your lungs

Feel the wind blow through your soft hair

Please, try poor girl

to feel something

The love that was there has vanished

The warm feeling, is now lonilness

But does the sun not show when the moon hides?

Do the stars not shine through the darkness?

Dont hide yourself from the world

Show everyone what youve got

Trust comes from time

Faith comes with hope

But do you have the time to hope.

Do you even care to try

Open your eyes and see

That the world is out there

underneath your feet

Follow my words and go with haste

Break through the water thats holding you back

and surface as a new being

As a new person.

Dont be shy when new people come into your life

Let them in

And expierence what you never had before

Try for new things


People come and go

but that is apart of life

Would you be who you are today from the influnces that have impacted you?

Would you be strong if you never had to over come?

Would you love again to feel that feeling of acceptance?

Would you try for yourself?

Dont be sacred

Dont shut yourself away

Not letting anyone in will only leave you with yourself.

Left alone and sad

Isnt that what your trying to avoid?

Being left.

Being alone.

Sad and lonely.

Thats your worst fear.

Being gave up on.

If no one tries for you, why should you try for them?

Answer; If you never give again

You will never gain anything in return.

Dont fear people.

Their is good and bad in this world

Choose wisely.

Monsters will destroy you in the night

And angels will save you during the light

Where do you fit in?

What have you done for this world?

Is it enough to get you by

Is your conscience clear?

Have you saved somebody lately?

Or have you only torn apart the good things in your life?

What you think is good can still only be an illusion.

But you really just have to ask yourself

If its truly worth fighting for.

What you want in life, what you deserve

Is always worth the fight.

Always accept whats worth giving up though

Dont feel bad about those you gave up on

Or feel jelous of what they have no

Because your mother should have taught you

That you give your old toys away

To the less fortunate

The regrets in your life today

Will only be lessons to tell later

If you didnt go through all the hardships in life

Then you would be weak and pathetic.

So be strong.

It takes more effort to let go

Then it takes to hold on.

But it takes a real trooper to forgive

Than to always hate.

Which one are you going to choose?

Get over this hurt

and shine.

Let yourself let go.

Why hold onto something when you know its over?

Why try when its done?

Show what you have to give.

Dont envy others for what they have.

Look into yourself

and assess within

I bet youll find alot more than you think is there.

Poor little girl

Quit your weeping

and pick yourself off the ground

Pull the peices of your heart backtogether

and feel again

Love Again.

Open up Again.

Trust Again.

Feel hope Again.

Hold On.

Let Go.

Be Strong.

Emerege from this.

And show yourself.

The author's comments:
Getting through rough times.

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