Where Were You

November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Where were you,

Where were you when I needed a father,

Where were you,

Did you think that you could just forget your daughter and pretend she doesn’t exist,

You forgot,

You acted like you could just be her father and that was good enough,

But when you yell,

But when you get angry it only makes matters worse,

It only makes her praise the day March 25th, the day she’s 14,

The day she can finally decide if she wants to see you ever again or give up on you,

When that day comes you’ll realize how you have treated me,

How you put your hobbies and your new wife before me,

You’ll soon see the pain I’ve been hiding,

I finally gave up after many years,

She’s changed you and the father I knew,

I want the old “you” back,

I want my life back where I woke up on Christmas morning and there was mommy and daddy in the same room,

Now you two can’t even look at each other,

I ask myself…what happened to daddy,

Why doesn’t he love me,

But most of all Daddy where were you when I needed you,

When I needed you to teach me lessons in life,

Tell me what I’m doing wrong,


Where’d you go?


The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this because this is how I feel with my dad. This is my true feelings shown through my writing.

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