You Can't Run, You Can't Hide...

November 17, 2010
By BlackVeilBrideLover54 BRONZE, New Sweden, Maine
BlackVeilBrideLover54 BRONZE, New Sweden, Maine
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I Love You More Then I Could Ever Scream!

The darkness is there
It multiplies as she watches
It gets darker and darker
It swarms around and suffocates her
It stays with her
No matter how far she runs
She can scream
Bang her fists against walls
Throw anything she can
But it won’t leave
It haunts her in her sleep
It whispers
It screams
It roars
Its always there
It can manipulate the world
It will always get what it wants
So hide in waiting
Run while you still can
But remember
It will always find you
You can’t hide
You can’t run
You have to face it
Or it will consume
I should know
I was that girl...

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