Childhood of Pookie

November 16, 2010
Childhood of Pookie

Away in my room sits a piece of my childhood,
Warm and safe from the passing time,
He sits with a never fading smile,
His soft fluffy fur as orange as the sun

My childhood was filled with happiness
My bear was there for it all,
The games, the laughing, and the crying,
When those mean boys were mean
My guardian against them all

My bear, My play toy
With his smiling black button eyes and trampled marks
My listener when no one else was
My dream catcher of the dark night

My Bear, My Best Friend, My Secret Guarder
My shoulder to cry on, My play toy,
My partner in crime, My little piece of Happiness
There he sits through all this time.

I may be almost eighteen but there he is,
Still sitting on my warm bed with that same soft smile
My bear, my bearer of my childhood memories
My Pookie will be there for all my next steps of life.

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