My Nintendo Sixty-Four

November 16, 2010
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My Nintendo Sixty-Four

When I was only a boy around the age of two years before nine,
I received the greatest present mankind has ever witnessed
A petite, shiny, plastic black box
With two gray plastic controllers to go right along with it

Some folks might have considered me a child with serious issues,
If they observed the way I reacted to that seemingly-meaningless little toy
For me, it was like the Lord’s gift falling into my tiny hands from the heavens above,
For me it was the world and everything wrapped up inside it, oh boy

How I valued that priceless little game,
I was dangerously obsessed with it, I’ll say it
Because I’d hate to tarnish its luster,
I’d sprint home viciously from school everyday and play it

There was never quite a dull moment back then,
My Nintendo was there for me, always
And I never had to fuss about the future, responsibilities, or girls
Oh how I miss those days.

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