The Forgetting

November 15, 2010
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Did Adam and Eve dream?
If so, which one dreamt first?
Or was their sin insomnia?
Was their punishment everlasting consciousness?
Did they twist and turn in the garden
Until their minds broke under the pressure?
Were they forced to remember
The fault of their indulgences?

There’s a narcoleptic force that waits for me
Something that’s been lurking since the start
It’s disguised as the Sandman
And he carries parcels of dust

I try not to watch the clock
As I lie in bed
My pupils unfocused in the darkness
I just want to forget
And devil into semi-existent
Like all the rest

This generation that I’m in
We sleep through markings in history
We close our eyes and ignore the affairs
That play on the screens of our 60” TVs
We plug in our headphones
To escape overwhelming reality
Technology is our downfall
It swallows the importance of remembering

Why remember when we can Google it?
Who actually talks on the phone anymore?
Who reads the book when there’s spark notes?
Who buys CDs or records from the store?

Our generation is forgetting
And I’m a victim to this disease
It’s a surprise we even remember the beginning
Although some people doubt it was Adam and Eve

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