Invisible Webs

November 15, 2010
By SweetXDreams GOLD, Londonderry, Vermont
SweetXDreams GOLD, Londonderry, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
I have found the Paradox,
If you love until it hurts
There can be no more hurt
Only love.

This web of uncertainty

Bound with lies

And I'm waiting

For my night in shining armor.

Only to discover

Shining isn't so bright.

So I'm caught up in

These deceptions.

Every ones trying

To shape my life

Forcing there opinions

As facts of life

They tell me how to be

But it's MY individuality.

Listening to the

Call of my heart

Is not an option.

Nevertheless I'm slowly learning

How to extract

These whispers from my head.

I will become

Who I intend to be.

Just close your eyes

And allow the music

complete your mind.

No one can

Teach you how to live

Only how to perish.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by deceptions of growing up.

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