Massachusettes Melody

November 1, 2010

Melancholy settles, just the heartsickness subsides. Wistfully, I reminisce about
where I come from, that homely apartment, overlooking the sprawling forests.
I was liberated by its horizon, and many a night was spent contemplating sunsets by
its frosted windows. Reluctantly, I raise my heavy brow, and the Northeastern
skyline takes my breath away. Traveling the winding roads, a sense of bliss permeates
my senses. Piercing winds sting my cheeks, yet restful become my thoughts.
When I think of where I come from, white Christmas comes to mind. Waves tickle my ankles, and
Cape Cod bay whispers to the stars. Unknowingly my shoulders slacken, and
a restful feeling sublimely warms my body, once frigid by the bitter wind. I spare a final sweeping glance,
before smiling to myself. A captive to homeland, I have finally made the journey home.

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