Pretty Women

November 17, 2010
By RachaelNM SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
RachaelNM SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Pretty women all around
Get beat and tortured
And knocked around.

Untill the day,
they rise and say
I won't be treated
in this way.

That day
The Sun will rise
That day when
We'll all hear their cries.

Pretty women all around
will all come forth, stand up
And hold their ground.

Throughout night,
They continue the fight.
Put down their foot,
And show their spite.

The Sun will shine
Their smiles will be wide
The wonderful day when,
They show their pride.

Pretty women all around
Will help the pretty girls
That get knocked around.

Throughout their lives,
They'll continue the fight.
Helping other abused wives
Stand up and show their might.

Pretty women all around
No longer will accept
Getting knocked around.

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