It's All Justified

November 17, 2010
By gaesopKE BRONZE, Portsmouth, Virginia
gaesopKE BRONZE, Portsmouth, Virginia
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No See,
you don’t understand what’s happening here
what’s happening is that while you’ve got it all in place,
i’m still struggling to get a set of instructions.
You had a whole your life as time geet ready
You got told what to do from the moment you walked in the door,to
the moment you looked in the mirror.
I got started diffrently;
i was told to keep quiet, and i was told watch and learn.
In front stood a mulitutde of examples,
and behind was a period of uncertainty.
I’ve tried to explain,but only so many words can leave my mouth
before you realize you didn’t understand any from the beginning.
Ive tried to let you find out for yourself
but when you did, if you did,
you forgot that you were doing it for me.
See, now where we are,
What’s happening is this,
the mystery has worn off, but the none of the charades
I’m still standing here, performing gestures
that signify my past, but the
present has regained it’s popularity.
At idle times you could still look behind
and wonder, or you glance and move on,
it’s just simpler.
It’s simpler to believe that it’s just you,
to figure that as long as it’s polite
they won’t suspect a thing,
it easier to play nice, but thing with easy
plans of action, is that it’s also decipherable;
I see you
I know what you did, and I know what you mean
Thank you for the compliment but
your eyes lie
Is it threat you feel? or is disgust,
is it ugliness? or is it difference?
You scared that if you looked closer, we would be a lot
You’ve grown to disreguard differences but
it takes a distance to test your strenght
and that is not present for now,
so you’ll be stuck with the same story,
you’ll be surounded by those people and you’ll refuse to
open yourself.
You’ll be stuck.
And this is why i will have no one to come
for me
i’ll be waiting in this ditch until
the end credits
only until then when the others will
wonder what happened.
Give them a chance to rise to the occasion
face it
you don’t know what i’m feeling and
i honestly hope you don’t
you don’t know what i see in your eyes,
and what i taste from your lips,
you don’t know that to me,
you can’t lie no matter how you try
You don’t know that i know the truth,
and you can’t know what it feels like
to have a functioning weapon and faulty ammunition.
I know the look, i’ve had it
and i know the phrase, i’ve said it too
Just because i’ve given others a reason,why
can’t i start over? I’m truly not what you make me out
to be. I was and s owere you in way
so why can you grow out of it and i can’t??
why do you believe that only you are capable of getting
You are selfish, i am selfish and together, we can’t
see past the dividing walls.
I’ll jst stat true to this me, and i won’t
conform to the twisted view that you have of me
I won’t be as weird as you think i am and I’ll just prove you wrong
I may not be in this book of records but check the next one
and see that i am that person, that could have been
sitting next to you. I’d always been that person,
and i always will be but i suppose only those in
the future, *my future* that *will get to reap the benefits.
So goodbye( au revoir). Another hour gone, and some more breath wasted
for a creature as effervescent as its creation.

The author's comments:
I was evaluating self and others

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