As She Fades

November 11, 2010
By XDAleXaXD BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
XDAleXaXD BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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I've come to realize that in the end everyone turns out to be the person they swore they'd never be.

She runs away from the truth,
chooses to flee,
praying she’ll be free,
she is so fragile inside,
she is about to crack,
she’s ready to break,
she is too young to understand,
that she can’t hide herself,
for so long,
but there is no other way,
then to run away.

She can’t breathe through the tears,
that she hides so well,
she swears never to cry again,
spite and anger within her,
she wishes them gone,
her parents, her friends, everyone,
to give her an excuse,
to withdraw within herself,
to stop smiling,
putting on this charade,
because it’s starting to hurt,
too much.

Put on a mask for the ball,
a shiny glass slipper,
but she can’t trust anymore,
she can’t take off the mask,
can’t pry off the slipper,
someone who she’s not,
is who she has to be,
to make everyone happy,
to make herself happy,
she doesn’t know what she wants,
who she wants to be,
it used to be so clear,
but now it’s faded away.

She feels like she’s fading;
a breath on glass,
or frost on grass,
melting slowly, painfully,
or simply evaporating,
into thin air,
no one ever notices,
they’ll never notice her,
when she disappeares, either,
she knows they’re not lying,
when they say they care,
but they lie,
when they blame her,
for everything,
for all things,
things that aren’t her fault.

She can’t see her fingers anymore,
she’s fading now,
people cared,
but not enough,
she told them repeatedly,
warned them so many times,
but nobody listened,
no one paid heed to her crimes,
to her cries and pleads,
for help,
they took her for granted,
insulted her one too many times,
blamed her for one too many things,
and she told them,
she was fading,
but they didn’t believe her,
not enough,
to take her seriously.

As she fades,
she wonders if they’ll realize,
they were wrong,
when she’s gone,
or if she’ll forever go,
completely unnoticed,

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