Do you remember me?

November 11, 2010
By Anonymous

I want to run to you,
But I'm afraid of what they would do,
But you're the one I need to see,
Because you're the only one who can set my heart free.

Do you remember me,
Remember what you said you could see,
See the good inside my heart,
The reason you did not part.

Do you remember the good days,
All the times you thought you got your way,
The times we laughed together,
When things got awkward and we brought up the weather.

Do you remember how we talked,
When I laughed at how you walked,
How we were best friends,
How we said we'd be together until the end.

Do you remember when you made me giggle,
When you made me wiggle,
How I made you groan,
How i made you moan.

Do you remember the first time I said I love you,
Then you said I love you too,
How I told you how I felt,
How you made me melt,
Do you remember me.

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