My World ,

November 9, 2010
Trying to fit such deep feelings you give to me into words is beyond imagined . Just the sound of your beautiful name brings shivers through out my whole body . Shivers that are quickly wiped out by the comforting warmth i recieve by the thought of you . you are what i aspire , what i most desire. Theres not a week , not a day , not a minute & not even a sec. in which you dont cross my mind . ive never felt such alonging for a person like i do for you . you are the only one who can take me away from my darkest side into a side where i can only feel joy . i Love this feeling , whatever it is, its there like a blooming flower . its an understatement to say My world revolves around You Because You ARE my world . Who wouldve ever thought that i'd meet someone who could make me My strongest in My Weakest days . Someone who outshines the most illuminated stars in space . Baby my blood pumps faster & faster inside My gentle skin in Anticipation For You . I want You , i Miss You , i Love You BUT Most of All Id Be Nothing with out You .

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