November 9, 2010
By Anonymous


Haunt Me

Like The Coming Of Death.

I'm Running.

I Am Lost.

I Am Out Of Breath.

I Am Forgotten,

I Am Possessed,

By This Heart

And By This Mind.

I Am, Not Of Darkness,

But Of The Fourth Kind.

I Am The Light Of The World.

A City That Cannot Be Hidden.

I Am The Deaf,

I Am The Blind.

I Am The Sheep

That Always Listens.

I Am Of The Earth.

I Am Of All Tongues.

I Am All Words,

Left Unsung.

I Am The Beginning.

I Am The End.

I Am What

Has Just Begun.

I Was What You Are,

And Soon

You Will Be What I Am.

I Am The Lost,

I Am The Found.

I Am The Blueprint:

To Gods Hands.

The author's comments:
There Are Days When I Feel Like Im The Healer Of The World.. And Then There Are Days Where I Feel Like Im The Destruction Of It..I Believe We Have A Word For That..BIPOLAR.

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