Remain The Same

November 15, 2010
When I need a listener,
You have open ears.
When I need to cry,
Your shoulders I bear.
When it's protection I need,
Your back is where I hide.
And when I feel all alone,
Your by my side.

So when all things seem to crumble,
Why is it you I push away?
And after all my pushing,
Why do you stay?
I'm not much of a person.
Not much of anything.
Yet comfort you offer,
And promises you bring.

You say it's because you care for me.
That you never want to see me gone.
But I dont understand,
How you can be so strong.
I'm sorry that I'm so set in my ways.
One day I'll change.
But until then please dont leave me,
Please remain the same.

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