Christmas Celebratios Have Begun

November 15, 2010
Candy Striped,
Festively hinted,
Rainbow wiped.

Special Candles,
Early bed times,
To wake up in the morning
And hear that red and green rhyme.
“Santa Claus is comin’ to town!”
Jingle bells; jingling all the way.
What wonders could behold
Our minds this day?

Sink your teeth into breakfasts
As sugary as desserts.
Dive into your presents
Let the wrapping paper divert.
Array yourself with a jazzy skirt
You’ll choose to sport to church
Collect endless hugs from your relatives,
The kisses that feel like
Your cheeks are a floor after finishing mopping.
And after, all that ENDLESS shopping!
Missing those that you knew and loved...
Knowing that the are high above.
Eyes get a treat
From the colors, abundantly sweet.

Protected from the stinging cold
Hugged by your oven-hot clothes
Your ever-so slightly puffy winter coat
Your smile fills the sky as the sun
The celebrations of winter have begun!

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