Who I Am

November 14, 2010
Why am I so emotional about little things?
Why can't I take it when someone doesn't like me?
Why can't I keep my tears from falling or my rage from showing?
Why can't I pretend to be happy and fool everyone?
I am happy.
I am sad.
I am angry.
I am hated.
I am loved.
I am broken yet whole also.
I am yours but also his.
I am torn between my needs and desires.
I am a mixture of this world.
Who I am is lost in the little details that make up my personality.
I am who I want.
Your words cant make me and I'll try to not let them break me.
But that doesnt mean that you don't inflict wounds upon my heart.
Every one does.
Good or bad.
They leave there footprints on the outside but some seep through to my center.
My soul.
Which can be damaged but i am doing my best to keep it only barely cracked.
So don't judge me whenever you don't know me.

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