November 14, 2010
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Me and millions of others,
We’re all locked away,
In a jail cell for black ‘brothers’
Black Sisters
What Did I do?
How Is It That I Should Be Treated Like This?
I Get straight a’s,
I do my chores,
I’ve never been labeled ‘criminal’
And yet,
In the eyes of some others,
That’s all I am,
A criminal,
Why am I treated like the dirt under your feet,
A pastry too burned to eat?
You all know why,
This you can’t even try to deny...
My skin color,
My roots,
My background...
Are these why I’m treated with hate,
Brothers, Sisters, Friends,
Don’t discriminate,
‘Cause as Will I Am said it only makes you irate,
Black, White, Porterican or Haitian,
We’re all one people,
We’re all the same
I don’t know the meaning of the word

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