Two words

November 9, 2010
By Anonymous

There are two simple words that scream from the depths of my soul,

Words that seem so simple, yet are so difficult to say,

Words that no one in the entire world knows about,

Words that make me feel so isolated, so distant,

Words I cry over,

Words that I fear.

Words that I would give anything in the world to say,

Words that I have no confidence to say,

They come so far up my throat, to the very tip of my tongue, but then
recede back into my inner being

Its like before singing in front of a crowd, at first it seems like the best and easiest thing in the entire world, but when you get up on that stage,
And have a thousand eyes on you, and hot lights burning your corneas, and you think “Oh my God, why did I think to do this?”

And I am here to say this:

My name is Mitch, (here comes those words)

And I’m gay……

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