Why . . . Who are you to say?

November 13, 2010
By Divaa234 BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
Divaa234 BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
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Why do i do the things that i do
I know that people are all around me
Are judging me but they don't even take the time to know me
To see what I'm really about
How i walk the walk
And speak my mind

Why do i go to school everyday
Is it because i really enjoy learning
Or because i know my parents re gonna be all over me

Why do i hang out with my friends
Why do i do the things i do

I think i know why
It's because I'm doin me
I'm not gonna let anyone stop me now- fantasia
Im gonna strive to do my best
Noone is gonna be out before myself
Because if that happens what about me
What do i become
Do i just become a small speck in the back of someones head
Or am I just gonna be thrown off to the side and rot
I kno that's not what i want
I want the world to see me for me nd nothing less nothing more
I have multiple gifts
Some stronger then others
Why do i think so much about see things
Because even o don't know
I want to but can't
But I will at least try to kno
I pray to my God, my lord and savior
He is the one uthat i turn to in my time of need
He is the reason why i survive
Through all my struggles and pain
People all around me always say bad things about Him
And sometimes i don't say anything because i don't wanna hear the noise
But the truth is it kills me
Wheni say " yea i go to church" they think little of me
And think imam hypocrite because of the way i acted to fit in
Why is it that after i tell you
You react as if im dirty
You treat me differently
But you know what
I don't care
Because i have Him
He's all I need
He may not be all that i want
Until he's all that I have
And when he's all that I' have
He's all that i need

Nd you see that's the difference between me and you
You think your better because you've got
A big house
A wife/husband
I have something even better
My God
Who will love me forever
Forgive me of my sins
And will never ever leave me
And you still question why?
So pray and the answer will be revealed

The author's comments:
The inspiration for this "poem" came from a youth group program!

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