November 16, 2010
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In the break of dawn,
A tiny squabble arises.
Signaling a new life
A chick of a nest.

He is not alone
For the chicks around begin to stir.
For weeks they commute
Tiny squeaks and chirps

There seems to be an amiance-
One of content.
Mom feeds them
both food and water.
Some become stronger,
Others do not.

Arrives the day
When they must take flight.
One by one they take the jump-
Just to hurl to the ground.
Their lives come to an end, an untimely one too.

Amidst a petrified dawn,
Only the first chick is left.
It hobbles over the nest...
Its fortune seems locked.

Unexpectedly, though
like a phantom at dawn,
Soars up through the misty,
Soundless sky.

Through the branches it glides
Cherishing newfound freedom
Suddenly, a thought
of what must be above

Rushing up through the woods
Heedless of the branches, twigs and leaves.
Abruptly, breaking through
The ethereal, aerial barrier

What a divine world this is.

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