And the thought continues

October 28, 2010
By Anonymous

People say its my fault,
And yet I had this dwindling thought,
Maybe it is, maybe its not,
But I’ve lost someone deep in my heart.
I’ve lost myself,
Part of me that won’t ever come back,
No one knows how I feel,
Or what’s going on in my life…
The person I counted,
Who I shared the most with,
Has left me for someone more meaningful,
And its wounded me a lot.
Someone I had trusted with my whole heart,
It shows me I can trust no one,
I have no true friends…
Because honestly how can they be true when
They don’t even know the real me?
I’m sad, I’m depressed.
And I suppress the rest.
Because I can no longer turn to someone,
To tell me my life is worth living,
When I am in great doubt,
No one to lean on,
To hold me up.
No one to care,
To understand,
No person I can call crying to in the middle of the night…
And so I have to hold it in,
And sadly keep it within because there’s no one there
To keep me up…

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