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November 10, 2010
By xocolie10 BRONZE, Northbridge, Massachusetts
xocolie10 BRONZE, Northbridge, Massachusetts
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Memories with us start from day one
Tearing us apart can’t be done
We laugh about anything or nothing at all
We pick each other up after we fall
We have sleepovers where we don’t sleep
And millions of secrets that we keep
You’ve been my friend since the start of my life
We talk for hours into the night
We don’t need words; we read each other’s minds
We can do nothing and still have the best time
We have too many inside jokes to name
When we’re apart, it’s never the same
Together we smile, together we cry
Keep every secret and cover every lie
Together till the day of death
Best friends till the very last breath
Even through tears, you can make me laugh
More than a best friend-- my other half

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