Lost, Wrong, and Gone

November 12, 2010
By VonnegutLover SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
VonnegutLover SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
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floating down this empty street
clouds drift beneath my feet
smoke clouds my heavy brain
can you see the black sky weep?

sun turns to moon, night makes day
the world spins, we all will pay
this never ending circle ends
loneliness starts, the earth stops to say:

that the ever changingness is all the same
that ever part of life is filled with pain
love is always what hurts us the most
all of you are normal...i must be insane!

as lost sheep wander, i wonder why
i can't do what the birds can; fly
you always told me my dreams would come true
i always knew it was a lie.

crazy drops of purple rain
shatter on this empty plain
i am lost, wrong, and gone
create the switch that will turn off my brain.

loose me in a field of the past
while i think of things that maybe will last
nothing re-happens, we just can't go back
but everything good went by so damn fast-

out of the mist, you reach for me
taking this boat, sailing out to sea
i've been rescued, as i still drown
happy is not who i'm meant to be...

the sky turns black, the sea goes too
i still wish i was a bird that flew
the earth with spin, even when your gone
I still can't believe it's true

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