Heaven and Hell

November 12, 2010
By Desiree12 BRONZE, Island Lake, Illinois
Desiree12 BRONZE, Island Lake, Illinois
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There is only one place that is paradise,
and it is for the good and nice.
It is He who calls you there,
and He is just and fair.
When your time is done,
you can go up and have some fun.
Heaven is peaceful and great,
and to go there is everyone’s fate.
You may get sent to Heaven’s gate,
but may be told to return and wait.
It is up to him to decide,
if you were honest of if you lied.
If you were a really bad person,
you may never again see the sun.
You will walk through the gates of Hell,
and it is your soul that the Devil will sell.
Heaven or Hell, it is up to you,
but choose your fate wisely and it will come true

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