would you see me this way

November 12, 2010
By velvetmist BRONZE, Waynesboro, Virginia
velvetmist BRONZE, Waynesboro, Virginia
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you look at me
glaring, searing
i wish
i hope
for nothing i can understand
you wish
you hope
for everything you have at hand
you see me one way
i see nothing
you hear me tremble
you stomp me down
you treat me horribly
and i wonder why
but i have another question
of i put you in my place
would you be able to function
could you leave a trace
because deep down
you have everything at hand
and i have everything i don't understand

The author's comments:
this poem is specifically dedicated to people with challenges, things to get over
simply people are very torturing towards what they don't understand
or what they feel they dislike
i wish people could see it the other way
thus i write this.

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