November 12, 2010
I live in a place, dark and deep.
No lights or life, only shadows.
The walls press down on me, drowning me in solitude and despair.
I am forsaken in the darkness alone, to yell at the sagging walls about me.
Now I hear weak voices speaking my fate, sending chills down my spine.
They are now shadows stalking me, they show me the faces of the ones I loved, the ones I hated, and most of all the ones I left to die asunder in the dark sand storms above.
I know now I will never reach the rose gardens or orchards of peace.
They are gone and I feel false security.
Then it began a mist formed inside my head, screaming and screeching at my ears.
Demonic faces chasing me through dark tunnels.
Claws ripping my chest open, fire at my feet!
Forever to suffer in the darkness alone.
Now I understand and will never forget.
Dread is the price to pay for sins unredeemed, never to see light, forsaken in the dark tunnels that is, DREAD.

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