You Promised Me the World

November 11, 2010
By Cassie32145 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
Cassie32145 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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You promised me the world,
You told me you’d give me the moon,
If I asked.

The first week was blur,
I left my sense behind,
And took your lead.

You gave me the world,
I asked for the moon,
You gave me a planet.

That month was a happy one,
I was blinded,
And took your word.

You took away my world,
You destroyed my planet,
And threw a moon pie in my face.

That week was insane,
I trusted you,
And you broke it.

My world is gone,
My planet dead,
My moon pie trashed.

Your lies apparent,
Your game revealed,
Your feelings unhurt.

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