The Moon And You

November 10, 2010
I look into your eyes
They look like full moons
So beautiful are they
They continue to amaze

I’m so confused.
The moon looks so serine
But when I look into your eyes I see hate
How could the moon look like it smiles
But you just always frown.

Your eyes sparkle like a beautiful full moon
And are so big and shiny
But like the moon they changed.
One day they are there so bright and pretty
The next they are gone like the wind.

Like the moon your not always there.
I wish I could say more
But you’ve never shown me more.

Like the moon behind a cloud.
You keep your feelings from me.
I can’t reach the moon
Just like I can’t reach you.

And like a full moon
Your gone today.
Not to be seen for a long while.
Your gone from my life.
They always are.

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