You And Him(:

November 10, 2010
By BaritoneGirl SILVER, Inman, South Carolina
BaritoneGirl SILVER, Inman, South Carolina
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You look at me as I walk by
I burst out laughing and I think you know why
You know it is because you weren't right
He never trys to start a fight

You weren't there when I needed you most
To all your friends all you do is boast
You never let me cry on your shoulder
He is now like my boulder
When I needed protection you were no where
All he ever does is care

He isn't you and you are not him
He makes my day bright, you sometimes make it dim
Why is it so hard to keep you out of my mind
He is the greatest guy I could find

You drank and smoke and could have ruined my life
He will never just hand me a knife
You never tried to pull me under
Loving him scares me like thunder

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