Come Back, I Miss You

November 10, 2010
By deannababyy GOLD, Brandon, Florida
deannababyy GOLD, Brandon, Florida
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"With God, All things are possible."

You've always been there
Since day one
I remember it all
Your humor, the sound of your voice
I never would have imagined this day to come.

You have what now?
How could this be?
This is my worst nightmare!

Cemo, Radiation
Sickness, Tireness
You went threw every bit of it.

Now its time
They did all that they could do
But to me they could have,
Should have done more.

Two weeks?
This can't be happening!
Why you?
God, why?

I love you
I need you
You can't leave me.

No, not yet!
I'm not ready
I'm too young to go threw this.

Days pass
You're no longer with me
How could this be
Will I wake form this nightmare?

Where will you be for my sweet 16?
On graduation
On the day i get married
You'll never see

I miss you
I wish you could come back to me
but why?
why would I want you back in this terrible world when you're in a place oh so much better?

I guess this is just life
But it's hard
Hard, to manage here without you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in memory of my grandfather who I miss so much.

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