War Admiral

November 10, 2010
By Melanie Smith BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Melanie Smith BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Hooves are pawing
Massive crowds roar with cheers
Cow bells rushing behind the anxious mob

I sat on my horse
Being lead in the shafts
A man grabs my rains and pulls War Admiral forward

I look around
Hearing the gush of noise ringing in my ear
I take a look back at the track
Trying to ignore the sounds

I gaze at the plowed dirt
Listen to War Admirals snorts
His ear twitching with irritation
He hated waiting

Feeling his powerful leg gnaw at the man made earth
His eyes were widening
His heart beating like a cheetahs

After the last stall was locked
There was silence
I gathered my rains and some mane
Waiting for the bell

Then, BANG goes the gun
The racket coming back
and the stall doors swinging open

I kicked with polished black boots
Holding War Admiral back so his heart won’t burst
Yet his young stallion nerves kicked in

This was his race

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