The Guy I'll Never See Again

November 9, 2010
By Crying_Tears SILVER, SL,UT, Utah
Crying_Tears SILVER, SL,UT, Utah
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Dogs look up to us.
Cats look down.
Pigs treat us as equals.
-Winston Churchill

The guy I’ll never see again
Had messy, black locks
And a smile to die for.
He went crowd surfing seven times
And didn’t care where strange hands roamed.
The guy I’ll never see again
noticed me out of hundreds of girls.
And he made me dance under the watchful (jealous) eyes of them all.
The guy I’ll never see again
told me about his 3 sisters, 1 mom, and no dad.
He explained that he was not wearing any shoes because he dances better without.
And he told me of all this and more
With his eyes full of electricity
And his hand never straying from mine.
The guy I’ll never see again
Had no where to go after the show
And said he didn’t want to be anywhere else.
And when I went to make a phone call to say I’d be late
He was exactly where I left him
With a pleased look on his face.
The guy I’ll never see again
Took me away from the dying notes of music,
Into the streets,
And showed me the beauty of shadows.
Into an alley, he twirled me.
Introducing me to an invisible crowd as
The only beauty of the world.
After all of this,
He walked me home,
Gave me the kind of kiss you only read about
In books,
And as he walked away,
With the moonlight at his back,
I realized…..
The guy I’ll never see again
Never told me his name.

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