Oh Let Me Be The Candle Light

November 9, 2010
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Oh let me be the candle light and sway by your window pane;

In gold of mine, shall flaunt your eyes that dim with deepened pain.

Live on I shall till the wax swims low, save the glasses do not swing

Open, and let the breezes snap my flames with a single fling.

In pool of white and shadows long, I shall dance against the glass,

That remains tucked in as if forever, save the pearly drops that pass.

And as you sit with a glow on your moonlike cheeks;

And the wind sobs to be let in, and sing you a song as meek-

But oh, I wish to be the candle light, then and there it seems,

To blush your face with gold and warmth, and sooth you to your dreams.

Your gaze glides past the velvet skies, but your heart dwells far away:

To the time when winter reigned forever and snow fell down your way.

The cold creeps up your silent visage, and you softly tuck the shades,

And that is when I wish to be the warm candle by your gaze.

Slowly dims my crackling light with loosened grasp on the wall-

And yonder steepens the icy winds with a sudden sharpened call;

But I feel your eyes still on me, and your heart still in its flight;

Again I shall be the candle light as softly falls another night…

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