Death of Youth

November 9, 2010
By , Ojai, CA
I saw you burning.
I saw you dying.
But I didn’t notice,
Because I was so young.

You told me you might live.
You knew that you would die.
But I believed you,
Because I was so young.

I knew you would live,
I just knew you would live!
But I was wrong,
And I was so young.

Why did you leave me?
You should’ve stayed here.
It should’ve happened to someone else.
I loved you so much.
I was so young!

I never expected it,
You caught me by surprise.
You were the best dad I could ever hope for,
And I was so young!

But now you’re gone,
You brought me to God.
It was no charity,
I was already there,
And I was so young.

I hate you!
You left me!
Left me here all alone.
When I was so young!

I’m sorry,
Forgive me,
I was so young.

I see you stretched out on the hospital bed,
And my tears drip onto the page.

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