Ms. Witch

November 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Feel the wind caress your skin.
Turn around, and take it in.
Watch the world pass you by.
Arise the question why should I?

Why should I strain
When it brings such pain?
Why should I kneel
When there's nothing to feel?

Hear the sound of a babies' cries.
And the soothing coos of their mothers's lies.
Ms. Witch I wish you would learn to rue.
Arise the questions why do you?

Why do you fall
When you stand so tall?
Why do you shake
When your will does break?

Feel the skin so rough and dry,
He works again to hold your sky
The ache and tire; a calamity
Arise the question do you see?

Do you see the anger he hides from you?
The countless words you know are true.
The incessant bickering back and forth,
With Ms. Wicked Witch way up north.

A constant battle of lies and hate,
Creates a school you appreciate.
Down the true path you want to go.
Arise the question do you know?

Do you know why Ms. Witch shed her tears?
Not once but twice she faced her fears.
She felt the pain, I hope she grew.
It's long past time, Mom I forgive you.

The author's comments:
My mom and I don't get along.

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