This distance

November 8, 2010
By , Elk Grove, CA
I look beyond, beyond the beach the ocean.
I walk, I walk until there is no sun,
no people.
I could see the sheer rocks ahead, the ocean spitting at my feet.
The wind whipping my hair.
I don't hear a thing I just walk,
no one is there to stop me. I look up at the moon that is at my level, I couldn't wait,
can't wait until it ends
Oh, how I wish someone could stop me.
I then climb the sheer rocks to the top.
I sit down and I close my eyes.
They think I'm strong
They think I can't be harmed. But, right here, right now... I cry. I cry until the waves almost reach me. And I thought they call my name.
Bit by bit I lean closer.
Into the waves and I fall.
And no one has found me yet,
not even my friends

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