Play For Me

November 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Hear the pin fall because everything's been silent,
everything's been waiting on my decisions.
But they've been coursing in my veins, burning and violent,
i want to stay in one moment - locked in a kiss.
Lay in the bed, the cushion of your lips.
How is anything supposed to matter?
Anything other than you.
With text books and jobs, and a big girl world,
i need something to keep my sky blue.

I still have to worry about what other people say.
Let them take their pens and incsribe the words in my brain!
I still have to worry about what can be taken away,
a trust fund, a family - dead weight on my back.

i know it's you that will stay...
even when the sun goes down
i can still catch your rays.

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