Is This The End

October 26, 2010
By mini203 SILVER, Spokane, Washington
mini203 SILVER, Spokane, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes."

Life is just a game
It’s full of pain
Life goes on I always say
Eventually the pain will go away
However sometimes I can’t take the pain
Sometimes I feel I have nothing left to gain
So I wish to take matters into my own hands
I feel I can’t give into their demands
Looking for a blade I find a picture
It shows a time before all my dreams were shattered
A time of ignorance and bliss
How did all my hopes and dreams get dismissed?
Where did I go wrong?
Why couldn’t I be strong?
I try to remember the moment
When everything became so distant
No specific time comes to mind
Wish I could just push rewind
To bad that button doesn’t exist
So its time to push the blade to my wrist
I start to bleed out the pain
I think I cut a vain
I watch the blood drip from my fingertips
I get weak and the blade slips
My body goes numb and hollow
My heart beat starts to slow
My soul slowly tries to leave my body
I try to pull it back unconsciously
I say no regrets
And my mind resets
Is all the drama worth dying over?
Do I want to be remembered as a failure?
Is this truly my ending I want to my story?
Is it too late to change my story?
I beg for a rewind button to exist
Death is what I wish to resist
But it’s too late
I guess this was my fait
I look at my body from above
I just left everyone I love
I didn’t leave them with any reasons
No clues for my actions
How could I be so selfish?
I feel kind of thievish
I just stole the happy, always smiling image of me
That’s what most people saw when they thought of me
Now people will see someone who chickened out
And took the first chance to take the easy way out
I realize I have made a mistake
This was a risk I wasn’t supposed to take
Once again I beg for that none existing button
I don’t wish to take back my action
I wish to be given a second chance
To be given a second chance of existence
Let me embrace this mistake
Please just let me awake
This is not the end
I refuse to let this be my end
There are so mends that need to be made
Please don’t continue to let me fade
Someone must find me
Help revive me
Pull my soul back into my body
Hurry I’m fading away slowly, but surely
And then the last person I would expect
Comes and makes an affect
They help me escape from death
I almost took my last breathe
Their love for me
Is what rescued me
Giving me my second chance to correct my mistakes
But their love has raised the stakes
This game is no longer played alone
Decisions are no longer made on my own
Because now it’s their life that’s on the line
Not just mine

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