One Night with My Boy

November 7, 2010
I think about you now
And I often wonder ow
We got to where we are today
I don't even know what to say
Everything about you makes me smile
You've just got that bad boy style
I love the Oakley's on the back of you hat
The way your jeans fit like that
They way you're all decked out in red
The way your hat's backwards on your head
I like the bandana around your neck
The way you keep your swag in check
The way you have your head up
I've never seen you wear those gloves
But I already know what they're for
And I'll probably see them more
I know you were working tonight
And what you're doing isn't right
But that doesn't matter much to me
Because no one else sees what I see
The way you lift back your hood
D***! you really do look good
You smile at me from over there
It's all I can do not to stare
Then you walk up and take my hand
I love how you just understand
You lean over and kiss my cheek
Being with you makes me weak
It's like when you and I are together
We could make it last forever
Like nothing exists except for us
This has got to be more than lust
You're a player but this seems real
You try to tell me how you feel
You try to say you're in love
That I'm a gift from above
But I know you're good at poetry
So it'd probably be easy to lie to me
I just don't want to believe thats true
Because I believe that I've fallen for you

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