Winter's Love

November 7, 2010
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A cold winter's night, a brisk winter wind,
A lonely man walks down a snow covered street.
Searching, searching for what he cannot find.
Searching, searching for what was there all along.
He sighs heavily, releasing a cold breath form his nose.
He is so torn and confused and struggles to think,
In the freezing foggy winter air.
"Why can I not find it?!"
He roars to the heavens.
"Where can I find it?!"
He asks almost silently, hoping for a divine answer.
Waiting, he waits and prays for an answer.
Waiting, he waits... No answer.
The winter weather grew colder and colder.
His fingers, frozen stiff.
"I'm not going anywhere until I get an answer!"
He continued to cry to the ever silent sky.
"Please!" he shouts, "just give me a sign!"
The sky remain still and silent.
The snow covered street grew more and more crowded,
with milky white snow.
Ankle deep in a frozen wasteland.
But still, he refuses to give up.
The sky became darker, the air grew colder, his fingers,
Stiff from the cruel winters' wrath.
Still, he refuses to give up.
His mind, stronger than any dire weather.
He still will not leave the winter wasteland...
Without receiving the answer to the question that troubles him so.
"Why am I alone?!"
He continues questioning to an unknown power.
"Please! Answer me!"
Again, he is answered with silence.
"The question, young man, is answered with this:
You should not always look for an answer,
But the answer should find you."
"How is that supposed to help?!"
He responds, angrily.
"Look around you."
Full of hope, he looks to his side and sees...
No one.
Just the hill of glistening, milky white snow.
"I don't understand! What was that supposed to prove?!
There is no one beside me! Will I never find love?!"
The mysterious voice speaks again,
"Love does not always have to begin with someone.
it has to begin with you.
Love yourself,
and love will surely find you."

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