The Dream

November 3, 2010
By Jessica_Twine GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
Jessica_Twine GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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A prowler in the darkness
Feasting on your fear
One look can make it clear
You don’t want to mess around when he’s near
One bite will leave you spinning
Crying out in pain
Putting you in misery
Wishing you were dead

His features are dark and gloomy
Eyes black and wild with rage
His teeth stained with yellow
And his breath, a foul smell of sulfur
Wilting even the most fragrant flower

His presence is most terrifying
Making you want to scream
But when you try you can’t make a sound
Getting the feeling that you were drowning in your voice

So beware when you travel the streets
Especially during dark hours
Because if you’re not careful
You might become devoured

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