November 2, 2010
Reverand, Preach the word of God.
Speak of forgiveness.
Speak of equality.
I want to hear the word of Him.
State the contradictions!
State the world as it is.
White and bad,
White and demons,
White and black.
Apparantly, we are all his children.
But we see his image in white.
The light opens up,
all there is is white.
We are his children,
and he preaches to forgive.
He preaches to forgive but in spite
he banished our mother when she grabbed temptation.
I am his mere image
spiteful and powerful
thes words I speak will last until my children
And then they will preach.
Open the heavens and they will preach.
The lord gives us "the world"
But then he takes the children.
The lord gives us life
But then our dreams cost money
and if we can't pay up
no one has the time for our future
Reverand, preach the word of God
Speak of forgiveness
and this time mean it,
as God is my witness.

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